Stress is actually a normal part of life involving a complex interaction between our mind, body, and environment. It keeps us alert and ready to react to things happening around us. But when someone faces continuous challenges without relief, and the stress is not managed well, he can have problems sleeping, headaches, illness and even depression. Too much stress overtaxes the natural resources of our body both physically and mentally. In fact, nearly one-in-three Americans experience extreme levels of stress, which negatively impact health and well-being, work, and relationships.

Three types of warning signs of too much stress are:

  • Physical warning signs, including weight changes, sleep disturbances, grinding teeth, back pain, and sweating or trembling hands.
  • Behavioral warning signs, including increased accidents, over-consumption of alcohol or drugs, and conflicts with others.
  • Psychological warning signs, including irritability, lack of emotional control, feeling overwhelmed, and crying spells.

Our providers can walk you through practical methods of daily tension relief exercises, discuss issues that may be better handled to decrease stress, and help you manage your well being.

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