Depression is a mood disorder that causes a person to have a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest in life. Being depressed can make you feel helpless and trapped. Some people may feel generally miserable or unhappy without really knowing why. It affects how you think and behave and can lead to a variety of physical and emotional problems. Sometimes you may question whether life itself is worth living, or that normal day-to-day activities are a difficult struggle. It is more than a feeling of sadness over an unhappy event, and it may be hard if not impossible to “snap out of it” on your own.

Younger children may exhibit sadness, irritability, worry, aches and pains, or refusing to go to school. Teems may have negative feelings and feel worthless, have anger, poor performance or poor attendance at school, or feel misunderstood and be extremely sensitive. Older adults having depression often go undiagnosed and untreated, seen incorrectly as a normal part of growing older.

Depression is not a normal part of growing older, and it should never be taken lightly. Unfortunately, depression often goes undiagnosed and untreated in older adults, and they may feel reluctant to seek help. Symptoms of depression may be different or less obvious in older adults, such as:

Depression may require long-term treatments of psychotherapy, medication or both. Our providers can help you find the strength and motivation to be stronger and in control of your life again.

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